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(FORMER HOLY CROSS ACADEMY) is entering its 39th year of community service
to the people of Sta. Rosa, and nearby barangays of neighboring towns this year 1985. It was
opened in 1946 as a secondary school with two first year classes through the initiative of
the late Rt. Rev. Msgr. Fernando C. Lansangan, then parish priest of the town of Sta. Rosa.
The limited access that the people of this town had on Catholic education on account of the
distance to the institutions then offering this type of education has prompted the opening of
this school to the warm acceptance of the community. The school was built, expanded and
progressed due to the enthusiastic and strong support of the community whose aspiration was
to have a truly dedicated institution that will provide quality catholic education to the
youth. By 1948, government recognition was granted to the school for its high school
department, a proof that is has come up to the standards not only of the community its serves
but also those of then Department of Education now Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.
Though managed under the leadership of the late founder, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Fernando Lansangan,
the school has been offering its educational services through its lay principal, faculty and
non-teaching personnel. The Board of Trustees are composed of lay people who are chosen for
their specific expertise which can contribute to the educational services of the school.After
the death of the founder the administration is completely in the hands of lay Board of
Directors. However, the primary goal of offering Catholic Education has been upheld and is
still the vital concern of the Board of Directors. In 1981, the expansion of the school’s
curricular program was conceived in response to community aspirations and needs. During
this period,Sta.Rosa has boomed into a commercial-agricultural center servicing neighboring
towns. Many of its residents have improved their socio-economic status. Education is held as
a primary aspiration of the people. The reason could be attributed party to the fact that the
level of educational attainment of the people has risen. On account of the many graduates
produced by Holy Cross Academy, many sons and daughters of families of Sta. Rosa were able to
pursue degrees in colleges located in the City of Cabanatuan,in Nueva Ecija and in Manila and
other cities of the country. The growing aspiration for education of the people has moved the
present Board of Directors to pass a resolution seeking to obtain permit to offer post
secondary and college courses. During SY 1982 – 1983, by virtue of the permit granted by MECS
the first and second year curriculum for the degree Bachelor of Arts and the first and second
year curriculum for the Junior Secretarial Course were offered to the public In its 39th year
of service to the community, HOLY CROSS COLLEGE aspires not only to be a community – based
secondary school as it was but to be an institution of higher learning which can contribute.

Republic of the Philippines
Securities and Exchange Commission
EDSA, Green hills, Mandaluyong


THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the amend articles of incorporation of the.

(Amending Article II, paragraph (a) of the original articles of incorporation thereof)
copy annexed,adopted on January 1, 1981 by a majority vote of the Board of Directors
and the vote of the stockholders owning or representing at least two-third of the
outstanding capital stock, and certificate under oath by the secretary and majority of
the Board of Directors of the corporation was filled with this Office on the 28th day
of January nineteen hundred and eight- two, pursuant to the provisions of Section 16
of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, Batas Pambansa Blg. 68, approved on May 1,
1980, and attached to the other papers pertaining to said corporation.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of this Commission
to be affixed at Mandaluyong, Metro-Manila, Philippines, this 28th day of January, in
the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and eighty-two.