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Sta.Rosa Nueva Ecija

School History School Assessment School Management School Activity

As stated in The School's Corporate Objectives HCC is Committed to the total development of the youth intellectual, spiritual, moral, social, and physical for nation building and service to God. Through its educational program, it seeks to develop the youth for productive and effective citizenry imbued which high and strong, moral, spiritual, and Believing that productive and effective citizenry cannot be such unless its intellectual growth and civic development are fully cared for the institution also puts emphasis as one of its goals to develop intellectual vigor & civic zeal among its students so that they may be fully prepared to assume their roles as feature leaders in a highly changing society. Finally, but most importantly, the institutions sees every students who entered its portals as a person blessed which human dignity and God's image and as such deserved to be prepared for the end for which he was like in spirit, action and words whose temporary mission is to live a full Christian life while on earth in order to achieve the eternal fruits of God's salvation.


Courses Offered

  • College Department

    • Bachelor of Science in Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Commerce
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    • Associate in Computer Technology

  • Tesda Accredited Highly - Skilled Occupational Courses

    • Two (2) Years Hotel and Restaurant Management
    • Two (2) Years Computer Secretarial
    • Two (2) Years Electronic and Computer Technology
    • Six (6) Months Contact Call Center
    • Six (6) Months Medical Transcription Course

  • High school Department

    • First Year - Fourth Year

  • Elementary Department

    • Grade I - VI

  • Montessori Department

    • Grade I - III

  • Pre - School Montessori Department

    • Nursery (Junior Casa)
    • Kinder (Senior Casa)
    • Preparatory (Advance)